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Autmaduino was tested in a 3 day workshop in April 2022. For this I created workshop materials including presentations, work sheets and cheat sheets. The material is designed for beginners. Day 1 introduces the basic Arduino features and introduces Automaduino. Day 2 features the input and output components and introduces more complex transitions. Day 3 is about the transition to textbased programming. Finally there is a quiz to test your knowledge.

Day One

Day one introduces students to the Arduino. We only use output components like LEDs and buzzers and explain the concept of an automata. The Cheat Sheets feature explanations on how to design and upload sketches.

Day Two

Day two features input components like buttons and sensors. Students will get to know concepts like if-else and conditionals.

Day Three

The final day will focus on the transition to textbased programming. We explain the Arduino code and try to write it by ourselves. We also show how to use tutorials to use advanced components.


Test your knowledge about Arduino and programming by taking our quiz!

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