Learn how to start with Automaduino!

Automaduino is a visual programming language using finite state automata for the Arduino. The goal of this project is to determine whether a language like Automaduino achieves better results compared to a interlocking block language like blockly when used in teaching. You can use the Online Editor to try it out and generate code without having to code a single line. It currently supports 15 basic components.


You can start with our Online Editor!

Automaduino will soon be available for Windows Desktop here.

What’s next?

You can start by reading about the Concepts or head over to the Getting Started guide to learn more about how to use Automaduino. If you need more information about how the Arduino works checkout our Workshop material. There you’ll find basic instructions on how to use the Arduino and worksheets to try it out!

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started using Automaduino!


What are finite state machines and how do they relate to Automaduino?


What components are currently supported?


Find the workshop material here.

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