A state contains the Arduino code for a component. There can be multiple functions available for a component.

States are a key component of finite state autmata. In Automaduino they are responsible for generating the code that is executed on the Arduino.


State overview

The component this state will correspond to.
This button can be used to open the documentation containing more information about the expected input and other features.
This field can be used to set a specific name for this state. The name will be used in the function generation and on the pin assignment screen.
The function executed by this state. One component can have multiple functions. They are listed below each other in the component drawer.
If a pin was assigned it will show the number on the state. If not the value “unassigned” will appear and the pin warning is shown in the code editor.

Highlight Option

Highlight Action example

Automaduino features a highlight option to see which code corresponds to a specific state. To do this right click the block and select which part you want to see. This also works for transitions.

Last modified April 1, 2022: finished english documentation (1e3866c)